Medical Supplies Necessary If You Have Had Foot Surgery Chondritic
Medical Supplies Necessary If You Have Had Foot Surgery

Foot surgery is not a simple procedure and recovery can often be painful and take a long while. It is important to follow the doctor’s guidelines to ensure that there are no complications and to ensure that you allow your foot enough time to properly recover. Use of the correct medical supplies will be invaluable to you.

Depending on the extent of the surgery you may need to wear an orthopedic shoe or heel guard. Aside from that, you will also need to have a pillow that will support your heal when you put your foot up. This will relieve pressure on the foot and can be invaluable for pain relieve. For the first few days after the operation, you want to move your foot as little as possible.

You should only make use of the pain killers provided to you by the doctor and only in the dosages that are recommended. If you are still in too much pain, call the doctor about altering the prescription, do not self-medicate. You should also have a contact with a medical supplies company if ever you need emergency supplies.

You will need something to help support the weight on that foot – a crutch, cane, etc.

Applying an ice compress on and off for the first few days can be invaluable in keeping swelling down and can help to prevent bruises. Applying Arnica oil to unbroken skin can also help in this regard and provide pain relief. Alternatively, Arnica tablets can be used.

You need to ensure that the area affected is kept dry. That can be tough if you are taking a shower. Be sure to wrap well in a plastic shopping back or cling wrap and make sure that any gaps are taped shut. It is easier to prevent the leg getting wet if you are bathing – simply dangle out the bath but you will need some help getting in out of the bath.

In most cases, the dressing is left in place and only changed on the schedule that your doctor decides on. The
Exceptions to this rule is when the bandage gets damp or if it is full of blood. Circulation problems and numbness need to be reported to your doctor. A high fever could indicate that infection has set in, as could pain higher up in the leg.

Take baby steps when it comes to your recovery – Walk for only small distances at a time – this is not the time to hit the shopping mall or you will delay recovery.